LUCC Equestrian Team Try-outs: September 7 & 8th

September 02, 2019

LUCC Equestrian Team Try-outs: September 7 & 8th

Laurentian University & Cambrian College Equestrian Team Try-outs

Foothills Farm is proud to be the host facility of the Laurentian University and Cambrian College Equestrian Team. 

Team try-outs for the 2019/2020 LUCC Equestrian Team will be taking place Saturday, September 7 and Sunday September 8, 2019.

Saturday, September 7th 3:00pm - Open (3') & Intermediate (2'6")
Sunday, September 8th 12:00pm - Novice (2'3") & Entry (18")
Tryout Fee: $15

Please visit the LUCC Forms & Fees  page for more information.

 Stay up to date with news and information about the LUCC Equestrian team by following their Facebook Page.

About the LUCC Equestrian Team

LUCC Equestrian is based out of Laurentian University and Cambrian College, and welcomes fellow students from both schools to participate! The purpose of our team is to allow new and experienced equestrians an affordable way to continue being apart of the sport while away at school. The team provides students the opportunity to continue with their passion for riding. Through the team we intend to create a community of like minded individuals that get together to participate in events with and without our equine counterparts, while  all the while sharing a common passion. For more details on our club or team please visit the "Club/Team" section or contact us with any questions!


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