Fall 2021 Cathy Inch Newsletter

November 02, 2021

Fall 2021 Cathy Inch Newsletter

Hello to all Boarders and Students!

Wow, what a summer it has been! Since horse shows opened up again we hit the ground running and haven’t stopped.

Read about the success of the summer as well as upcoming events below!

Show Update:

Foothills Farm participated in all four Trillium horse shows in the northeast region, as well as many A circuit horse shows held at Angelstone, Caledon Equestrian Park and Wesley Clover Park in Ottawa.

Some wonderful results were had by all of our riders and the Trillium Championships was once again an incredible success. Congratulations to all of our riders and a special thank you goes out to all of the staff, grooms and parents that make these shows so fun and great a success.

Upcoming Clinics and Important Dates:

  • November - 6/7 Marni Von Shalberg Clinic
  • Nov 27/28 - John McPherson Dressage Clinic.
  • Dec 19 -  Our Annual Foothills Farm Christmas party.
    Hosted in the log cabin/gazebo area, join us for sleigh rides, bonfire, dinner and a gift exchange ($20 limit, bring a gift, receive a gift)! Dinner is served at 4 o’clock, keep COVID restrictions in mind (masks and social distancing).
Stay Tuned for 2022 Show Dates!

Renovation Update:

In preparation of our fall winter and spring activities, we had a footings expert visit to regrade and laser level the arena to keep our footing in tip top shape. We also had him look at our outdoor ring and he gave us an idea of the costs and materials that we can use to improve it. We are also planning to do a lot of landscape and renovating of the arena and barn yard to try to improve the drainage of the property as well.

All of these things are extremely costly and we need to be able to sort them into the budget, so we ask that you please be patient while we add improvements one piece at a time.

We plan to host more clinics and schooling shows in the spring to continue the education of our riders. We are really hoping to see everyone participate in as many functions as possible! We are excited for the 2022 show season and hope to see you all there.

Until then, stay safe and happy riding!

- Coach Cathy

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