6 Steps | Caring for your horse after a show

April 22, 2019

6 Steps | Caring for your horse after a show

Post-competition care is a critical step in keeping horses sound, healthy and happy to head to the next show.  Many riders have a well defined plan to get them ready for the show ring. But in many cases, it is the work and routine that take place back at the barn that will determine success at the next event.

  • The 15 minute Cool Down
  • Bathing and inspecting legs
  • Icing
  • Wrapping with Poultice or Liniment
  • Hoof packing 
  • One day later, important steps the day following competition

Stay tuned for updates to this post. Foothills Farm is hosting a hands-on lecture on Sunday, April 28th. We'll be back to post more details!

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